Avi is a close friend and associate of Viggo Tarasov who works as a high-level member of the Tarasov crime family.


Avi was likely to join Viggo's business after John Wick's 'retirement' since he doesn't know John's potential as he is seen saying, "He's Just one guy, why don't we just kill him," and " How many men do you need?" in the first movie. This is likely because, before John wiped out a whole entire rival gang to Tarasov Mob.


 ■ He seems to have a skill with weapons (pistol in this case). In the last scene of the first film, he almost shot John from over 20 meters away but misses by only a bit.


Notes and Trivia

The actor who plays Avi aka Dean Winters is also a stunt guy because he is in the Allstate insurance commericals.


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