The Continental is a hotel located in New York City that functions as neutral territory for members of the city's underworld. It is frequented by many hitmen and notorious murderers.

The owner is Winston, a powerful man who terribly punishes people for violating hotel rules. The reception is operated by a concierge named Charon.


No business can be conducted on the Hotel premises, including fighting and carrying out contracts on other assassins in the hotel; Ms. Perkins breaks this rule, incurring heavy penalties from the establishment including the revocation of her membership as well as her own death.

The Continental Hotel has its own rules, as stated above. A blood oath, once sworn, must be carried out, or those who don't hold up their end of the deal will face the death penalty. Killing the holder of the blood oath is of course unacceptable, as well as running away.

While The High Table is a supreme authority in most cases, The Continental is an autonomous organization, and its various branch managers — Winston in New York and Julius in Rome, among others — have complete authority over Continental business. In fact, Winston may even have a history of pushing back against The High Table.

The Continental’s concierge can provide for almost any needs of their exclusive clientele. Some locations even board pets — just not in the New York branch.


The Continental Hotel has his own form of currency in form of gold coins to evade the eyes of the authority. Each gold coins worth about 1000 to 5000 USD in currency exchange.

All services in the Continental are paid by these coins and only take one coin to get any kinds of services from room, bar, restaurant to assassin specialized services like firearms or body armors.

These coins only available for assassins, hitmen, mobsters and others people that involves in the underworld. Normal guests must pay by conventional means like money and credit card.


  • Weapons and ammunition supply: The Sommelier
  • Fashion and body armor: The Seamstress
  • Mapping: an unknown man


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Notes and Trivia

  • The Continental serves as the true Underworld of crimes.
    • Charon, in Greek mythology, serves as the ferryman into the Underworld; his position as a receptionist to the Continental reflects that role in the John Wick universe.



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