Continental HotelDaisyDerek Kolstad
Gold CoinHarryHelen Wick
Iosef TarasovJimmyJohn Wick
John Wick: Chapter 2John Wick (film)Keanu Reeves
MarcusMarkersMs. Perkins
Tarasov MobThe CartographerThe Cleaners
The High TableThe John WickiThe Mailroom
The PawnbrokerThe SommelierThe Soup Kitchen
The TailorViggo TarasovWinston
File:Addy John Wick 001.jpgFile:Aurelio John Wick 001.jpgFile:Aurelio Portal.jpg
File:Avi John Wick 001.jpgFile:Blogs.pngFile:Characters.png
File:Charlie John Wick 001.jpgFile:Charlie Portal.jpgFile:Charon John Wick 001.jpg
File:Charon Portal.jpgFile:Common-john-wick-2-image-600x400.jpgFile:Continental Hotel John Wick 001.jpg
File:Daisy John Wick 001.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Harry John Wick 001.jpgFile:Helen Wick 001.jpgFile:Helen Wick Portal.jpg
File:Iosef Tarasov John Wick 001.jpgFile:Iosef Tarasov Portal.jpgFile:Jimmy John Wick 001.jpg
File:John Wick 001.jpgFile:John Wick Chapter 2 Coming Soon.jpgFile:John Wick Chapter 2 Slider.jpg
File:John Wick Club Scene (full scene)File:John Wick House Shootout HD 1080p Action SceneFile:John Wick Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD
File:John Wick Portal.jpgFile:John Wick Poster 001.jpgFile:John Wick Poster 002.jpg
File:John Wick Poster 003.jpgFile:John Wick Standing.jpgFile:Marcus John Wick 001.jpg
File:Marcus Portal.jpgFile:Ms Perkins John Wick 001.jpgFile:Ms Perkins Portal.jpg
File:News.pngFile:No Picture Portal.jpgFile:Poll.png
File:Ranking the 10 Best Kills From 'John Wick Chapter 2'File:That Fu*king Nobody Is John Wick, Baba Yaga - Epic SceneFile:Twitter.png
File:Videos.pngFile:Viggo Tarasov John Wick 001.jpgFile:Viggo Tarasov Portal.jpg
File:Wiki.pngFile:Winston John Wick 001.jpgFile:Winston Portal.jpg

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