Abram TarasovEdit

  • Scene 1: Tarasov Friend: Find a stolen 1969 Ford Mustang at a chop shop for Abram Storemare and then Kill a Biker to find Abram Tarsov.
  • Scene 2: Kill Tarasov's men in a violent fight
  • Scene 3: Spare Abram Tarasov to arrest him.


  • Scene 4: The Meet: Meet Aurelio to know you are now working for Santino D'Antonio.

Santino D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 5: Find a symbolized medallion.
  • Scene 6: Meet Dog Wick at your house in order to avoid Santino.
  • Scene 7: Pollitical Will: Leave your house to escape with Dog Wick to know that Santino blew up your house.


  • Scene 8: Avoid rejecting a marker and follow all rules given by Winston.

Santino D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 9: Meet Santino and Gianna D'Antonio to claim the high table by saying I gotta go Winston.
  • Scene 10: Santino's Personal Friend: Escape Ares and get to Gianna D'Antonio.

Gianna D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 11: Rome: Infiltrate Gianna's Party in Rome
  • Scene 12: Slashed: Make Gianna get in the bathtub to slash her arm.
  • Scene 13: The Life and Death of Gianna: Kill Gianna D'Antonio and fulfill it to Santino.

Santino D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 14: Kill Santino's men at the nightclub.
  • Scene 15: Kill Santino's men underground and then Find Cassian.


  • Scene 16: Prohibit business at Rome Contenial for Winston.
  • Scene 17: Tense Drink: Share a tense drink with Cassian to vow revenge for killing Gianna.

Santino D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 18: New York John's Return: Open a 7$ contract for Winston and then fund the assassins and then kill them.


  • Scene 19: Subway Station: Confront Cassian.
  • Scene 20: Proffesional: Fight Cassian to make him Alive out of proffesional respect by freeing and saying Nomas Day.

The Bowery KingEdit

  • Scene 21: Underground Help: Seek Help from The Bowery King and then Kill him.

Santino D'AntonioEdit

  • Scene 22: Museum War Criminal: Kill Santino's bodyguards and kill Ares to find Winston.
  • Scene 23: Sancutary: Meet Santino and Winston.


  • Scene 24: Winston's Warning: Kill Santino D'Antonio.
  • Scene 25: Across the world: Help Winston find Dog Wick.
  • Scene 26: Excommunicado: Give Winston Excommunicado.
  • Scene 27: Head Start: Give Winston a Head start.
  • Scene 28: Winston's Truth: Tell Winston that numerous are coming.
  • Scene 29: I will get them all: Leave Winston and request him for Dog Wick.


  • Scene 30: John and Dog Wick leave Winston so that they will Suspect all Hitmans to go around you.

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