No one sneaks up on me anymore, thanks to you. I am all-seeing and all-knowing.
The Bowery King in John Wick: Chapter 2

Worthless adulterous cad who keeps stroking his bloody pigeons without a care in the world.Do you reckon he does that to compensate for his lack of ding dongs down under?Ding dong!Ding dong!Ding dong!Anyway,all he ever does is stare at your soul like you have worn your bloody trousers before you put your pants on.He is hardly a king as he looks like he got plastered while drinking in starkers and fell arse over tits.Maybe that’s why he gave himself that nickname.He lost his plot after that incident.He made a bloody dog’s dinner over his meeting with John Wick.He kept laughing away without knowing he was throwing a spanner in the bloody works.He is a bloody nutter who devours pigeon meat with great gusto.That poor pigeon.